Peripheral Nerve Stimulator (Nerve Location)

Precision Nerve Location in Regional Anaesthesia

  • Increase accuracy and close needle tip placements
  • Simultaneous nerve mapping and nerve location
  • Visual and audible proximity indicator 


Simultaneous nerve mapping and nerve location

Auto-sensing technology monitors whether the mapping probe or needle touches the patient and adjusts the current range accordingly. With the needle in one hand and the probe in the other, it’s easy to achieve quick and precise nerve location.

Map nerves prior to needle insertion for ultimate accuracy

The nerve mapping probe enables transcutaneous nerve mapping at higher currents (up to 20mA) to assist in finding deeper peripheral nerves. The small surface area of the tip ensures effective discrimination.

Visual and audible proximity indicator

When the target current and pulse width ranges are reached, the Stimpod will indicate probable nerve proximity. This safety mechanism prevents practitioner confusion and ensuring the needle tip is close to the nerve before administering the block.

Real-time waveform display

The waveform display indicates if the pulse is delivered according to the settings. If the waveform is not square, this indicates excessive impedance which means the ECG electrodes or skin condition needs to be re-assessed before nerve location can be successfully completed.


Current Range

Nerve Locating: 0.0 – 5.0mA
Nerve Mapping: 0 – 20mA

Load Impedance

Nerve Locating: 0 – 20kΩ (100V)
Nerve Mapping: 0 – 20kΩ (400V)

Stimulating Frequency
1Hz, 2Hz, 5Hz


145mm x 90mm x 30mm

Operating Temperature
10 – 40° Celsius

Storage Temperature

10 – 40° Celsius