B. Braun Stimuplex® HNS 12

Nerve Stimulator for Peripheral Nerve Blocks

B. Braun Stimuplex® HNS 12 is a precision instrument for localizing neuronal pathways in the human body.

Stimuplex® HNS 12 is specifically designed to stimulate nerve fibers in living organisms with special nerve stimulation needles that conventionally show a very high contact impedance with the aim of determining their spatial position relative to the tip of the needle.

The stimulation needles are constructed in such a way that a local anesthetic can be injected near the nerve fiber, which reversibly interrupts stimulus conductance.

The large full graphic LC-display gives you all necessary information at a glance.

High contrast and a wide viewing angle ensure excellent readability.

The following information is permanently displayed:

  • Stimulus amplitude in mA (large digits)
  • Stimulus duration in ms
  • Stimulus frequency in Hz
  • Load impedance in kΩ
  • Charge delivered (in nC, if activated)

User Benefits

  • Now with SENSe technology for safer, easier, and more efficient nerve stimulation
  • Advanced ergonomic shape and large display 
  • Digital ratchet dial for precise and tactile current adjustment
  • Quick access buttons allow direct switching of key parameter values during procedure
  • Alarm screens and acoustic signals inform the user of any relevant deviations

What is SENSe?

SENSe is a further development on the Stimuplex® HNS 12 offering more patient safety and improved clinical efficiency. In practice, marginal needle movements often lead to loosing the muscle twitch. The SENSe technology (Sequential Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a sequence of two fixed impulse durations of 0.1 ms along with a third longer impulse duration. This results in getting the first muscle twitch already at a distance from the nerve and requires less adjustments to the amperage control, while maintaining the visual feedback.

From the alternating sequence of three impulses, the third longer impulse stimulates the nerve already at a distance. One muscle twitch is visible and indicates that the needle is directed at the nerve.

The stimulation needle is further advanced to-ward the nerve while SENSe maintains the motor response. Current strength adjustments lead to definite reductions of the third impulse.

At the threshold level of approximately 0.3 mA, not one but three muscle twitches are visible as all three impulses elicit a motor response, thus SENSe allows easier and more reliable nerve localization for better blocks. If the muscle twitch has been lost, the third longer impulse helps to easily find it again.


Instrument Type



9V (alkaline, max. 1000mAh)

Power Consumption

6 mA (8 mA max.)

Stimulation Current

Î = 5 mA (max.) (0–12 kΩ)

Stimulation Voltage

Û = 95 V (max.)

Stimulation Frequency

1 Hz / 2 Hz ±1% / SENSe (3 Hz)

Current Measuring Accuracy

± 0.02 mA

Impedance Measuring Range

1 kΩ – 90 kΩ for target stimulation current > 0.5 mA

Impedance Measuring Accuracy

±10% / ±20% for target stimulation current > 1mA / <= 1mA

Sound Pressure Level

51 dB / 54 dB / 63 dB for stimulation / warning / error



IP Protection Class


Operational Environmental Conditions

Temperature: 0°C to +40°C
Relative humidity: max. 90%, no condensation
Atmospheric pressure: 700 mbar to 1060 mbar

Storage and Shipping Conditions

Temperature: 0°C to +40°C
Relative humidity: up to 90%, no condensation
Atmospheric pressure: 500 mbar to 1060 mbar