Inmed NSML-100

Nerve Stimulator-Mapper Locator


  • Portable, Indigenously Designed
  • Microprocessor Controlled constant current
  • Reliable & Accurate

All in one unit for…

  • Neuromusular Monitoring
  • Transcutaneous Mapping of the Peripheral Nerves
  • Nerve Location

Nerve Mapper Mode (For Transcutaneous Tracing):

It helps to indentify the entry point thereby reducing patient discomfort. also useful in defining anatomical landmarks, especially in growing children, obese patients and in case of patients with distored anatomy.

Nerve Locator Mode (Monitor):

Excellent for reliable location of nerves using very low current, thereby increasing the success rate of regional Anesthesia and reducing risk of nerve damage as compared to paresthesia technique, also useful in…

Identifying/Locating Motor and Mixed Nerve

  • Identifying Nerve during Neuro, Ortho, Ent, Pacdiatric and Plastic Surgey. (eg. Facial Nerve).
  • Pain Clinic

Nerve Locator Mode (Sensory):

A unique model to identify sensory nerves like lossopharyngeal and other nerves in pain management.


  • Transcutaneous Mapping Probe with Cable
  • Interface Cable Pairs for Locator and Stimulatior
  • Mains Adaptor
  • Rechargeable Battery