Inmed NM-20

Nerve Mapper-Locator


    • Indigenously designed microprocessor controlled nerve mapper cum peripheral nerve locator.
    • Locate the nerves subcutaneously reducing patient discomfort and saving considerable amount of valuable time.
    •  Reduce the dependency of the anesthesiologist on anatomical knowledge and variations.
    • Increases the success rate compared to the Paraesthesia technique.
    • Defines anatomical land marks for the entry point, especially in growing children, obese patients and in case of distorted anatomy.

Nerve Mapper Mode: (For Transcutaneous Tracing)

It helps deciding the entry point thereby reducing patient\’s discomfort. It also helps defining anatomical landmarks especially in growing children, obese patients and in case of patients with distorted anatomy.

Nerve Locator Mode: (Motor)

Useful in reliably locating the nerve by using very low current thereby increasing the success rate of regional anaesthesia and reducing the risk of nerve damage compared to the parasthesia technique. Also useful in

  • Identifying / locating motor and mixed nerve
  • Identifying nerve during neuro, ortho, paediatric and plastic surgery. (e.g. Facial nerve)
  • Pain clinic

Nerve Locator Mode: (Sensory)

It has a unique mode to identify the sensory nerve like glossopharyngeal and other nerves in pain clinic.


  • Alphanumeric LCD display with back light
  • Variable current range as per the selected mode (impedance: 0 to 5 kΩ)
  • User-programmable pulse width and frequency
  • Separate output for nerve stimulator/mapper and locator for safety
  • Audiovisual indication for pulse delivery and error
  • Audio and backlight on-off option
  • Automatic shutdown for power saving after 5 minutes
  • Feather-touch keypad with beep tone for easy operation, simple & extended reliability
  • Automatic switch-over from mains power adaptor to rechargeable 9V battery with low battery warning indicator
  • Small, lightweight and user friendly.


Mono-phasic pulse width: 40 µsec to 999 µsec

Frequency: 0.5 to 99 Hz

Current range: 0.1 to 20 mA

Impedance: 0 to 5 kΩ

Weight without battery: 230 gm

Battery: Rechargeable 9V PP3 type

Size: 150 x 82 x 24 mm