Inmed IT-500 Electronic Tourniquet


  • State-of-the-art, stable automatic electronic tourniquet system
  • Portable, light weight, compact, desktop with tilting stand
  • Microprocessor controlled latest digital technology
  • Fast cuff inflation and slow deflation with solenoid control
  • Leak proof, secure quick coupling with positive locking connectors
  • 3 different sizes of high quality cuffs as standard and other sizes available on request (imported)



  • Operates on built-in air pump for safe and leak free inflation and does not require compressed air or gas
  • Simultaneous and continuous display of set and actual tourniquet time and pressure
  • Operates status of the output indication: off, inflate or deflate
  • Bright, easy to read character with back-lit LCD display
  • Works on mains ac power as well as internal battery (8 hours)
  • Normally closed solenoid prevents deflation of cuff during system and power failure
  • Count down timer with alarm
  • Audio-visual alarms to detect high leak and disconnection, pressure deviations and low battery
  • Last used setting of tourniquet pressure and time, restored on power on
  • Automatic self-test on power on



  • Cuff Pressure: 50 – 500 mm Hg, adjustable in 5 mm Hg steps
  • Pressure Regulation: Automatic within -1 to +10 mm Hg of Selected Pressure
  • Alarm Time: 0 – 250 minutes, Adjustable in 1 minute Steps
  • Inflation / Deflation
  • Time: 20 Seconds for a typical 75 cm thigh cuff
  • Display: Backlit LCD display
  • Battery Operating Time: 8 Hours
  • Battery Charging Time: 2.5 Hours
  • Cuff Size: 3 Different Sizes
  • Weight: 3 Kgs
  • Dimensions: 200 mm (W) x 175 mm (D) x 70 mm (H)